Project Posca September Update #3

I thought one last catchup update might be in order before I move onto new things.

I mentioned a few updates back that the rear seat repair was under way.  The spring had broken under the rear seat and someone had tried to repair it, burning a hole in the seat covering in the process.



(They got rid of or covered the hold horrible padding in the process, which I am pleased with.)

(The colour match is not perfect on the seat covering, but I think it will fade to match in time.)

Other than all the changes I have shown in the last few updates, there is still lots to be done, or so I can only assume from the parts still sitting in boxes.

(I have used a few parts from those boxes, but a lot of them are still waiting for use.)

The full summary list of tasks looks something like this (those in blue italics are done.);

  • Rust holes cut out, repaired and painted.
  • Surface rust cleaned up and painted.
  • Replace the back window rubber (as this is where the water got in to cause most of the rust).
  • Replace the heater boxes in the exhaust system.
  • Replace missing parts to get the heater system working.
  • Fix/repair High Beam, Driving Lights and Reversing Lights.
  • Replace the fuse cradle as it looks a little dodgy.
  • Replace the L/H lower ball joint.
  • Replace R/H inner tie rod end.
  • Replace rear brake cylinders. (Pads were not needed at this time.).
  • Replace pop out window seals, rubbers and latches.
  • Re-key left passenger door lock.
  • Install new sun visors.
  • Repair roof lining.
  • Repair back seat.
  • Clean/renovate the carburettor.
  • Clean/renovate the distributor.
  • Replace air vents in dash.
  • Repair/replace ducting for front air vents.
  • Replace hand brake rubber shoe.
  • Give the interior a good clean.
  • Replace front and side window rubbers.
  • Repaint the wheels.
  • Repair some small rust issues around luggage lid.
  • Repair/replace bumpers.
  • Repair/replace engine lid.
  • Put a new (none standard) carby and dizzy on Posca?
  • Repaint parts/all of the body.
  • And a million more as yet unknown ones……..

And the Project Posca adventure continues…..


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