Project Posca September Update #1

I realised another couple of months have passed since my last update on Posca, so I thought I had better get myself organised some.

So firstly, a quick update.  The smash repairs finished with Posca and I got him over to the exhaust shop for the new heater boxes.  Sadly, while he was there, the starter motor fell apart and there was no starting him again.  Some quick thinking, a phone call and a day later and he was delivered home by a local towing service.

A lot has happened since then, but lets start with the rust and heater boxes.

  • The worst of the rust (beneath the battery under the back seat). And yes, once the repair patch was removed, it was pretty bad beneath.



  • Some other rust areas.  I have no after images, but they are definitely repaired now.

  • The heater channel under the passenger door.



There were some other minor rust areas that were repaired, but I can not take pictures of everything now can I?

In the process of gutting Posca for the repairs it was found that the back window was leaking badly (hence the need to install a new back window rubber).  The resulting leak had cause a lot of surface rust on the rear luggage shelf.  This has also been cleaned and resprayed.

  • Rear luggage shelf.



(That looks a whole lot better doesn’t it.)

So after the smash repairs (and I must thank them1 for some of the before images above as well.) Posca headed off to the exhaust shop2.

  • Replace the heater boxes in the exhaust system.



(Yes, I went for fancy ceramic coated heater boxes.  They look pretty, last longer and did not cost that much more.)

Those were two of the more major jobs that needed to be done to Posca (or so we thought).  They were completed about a month and a half ago now.  So what has happened since then you ask?  Well, stay tuned for the next update and I will fill you in on more of the fun.

  1. A HUGE thanks to Armidale Smash Repairs, especially Tim, for their service and support so far. []
  2. Armidale Exhaust Centre []

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