Project Posca October Update

I have done a little mock up of what I (at this stage) envisage Posca to look like a year or so down the track. I am pretty pleased with the look;

The two tone is to avoid a full respray, and as the orange would be nearly impossible to match, I decided to tone it up some.  The only variations on the mock up are that the whaletail may or may not stay and the bumpers might still be thicker.  I would love to hear peoples thoughts on the look.

The work on Posca continues, though most of it has been invisible to the Blogging eye.  Posca is now running again.  Yes, that is right, starting and running…yay!!  We have the timing and tuning pretty close to right, but need to take Posca for a good run to blow the cobwebs out before we fine tune things.

Most of the work to get Posca going involved the carburettor, distributor, timing, etc. Posca has received new points and condenser, new plug leads and a new Idle Air Bypass Cut off Valve.  They are meant to look like this;

But mine looked like this;

Notice the difference? I wonder how much that will impact the running and performance?

About the only easily seen change in the last month has been in the fitting of the new sun visors. When I got Posca he had none.  Now..

Anyway, that is about it for now.  Another part order has been placed, including a new carpet kit for inside.  Also, more window seals will be replaced soon, so stay tuned…



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