Project Posca October Update #2

Some more new window seals went in today.  These were to replace the two fixed side window ones and the front windscreen one.  I got in a professional to do it, but I helped.

So, windows came out;

And the new seals went in.

Here are before and after shots for a side window and then the front window;

I know chrome is pretty, but I actually think I prefer the look without based on my future plans for Posca.  What does everyone else think?  Still, installing the new seals without chrome (aluminium) inserts is a lot less fiddly.

Oh, and there should be some more updates again soon.  Things are happening a bit faster now.  I even ordered some more bits, including a new carpet kit for inside.  That should arrive next week.  Exciting huh?

Stay tuned…..


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