Project Posca July Update

I have not posted an update on Posca in a month or two.  The reasons for that are two fold.  Firstly, there was the whole loss of my website and email and such for a month.

Secondly, Posca has been away for about a month now as well.  I had a few things that I needed to fix for rego, and while at it I thought I would do a few other things.  This of course lead to a few more. (You know how it goes….).  So, do date the list is something like this;

  • Have a couple of rust holes cut out, repaired and painted.
  • Have some areas of surface rust cleaned up and painted.
  • Replace the back window rubber (as this is where the water got in to cause most of the rust).
  • Replace the heater boxes in the exhaust system.
  • Replace missing parts to get the heater system working.
  • Replace the high beam relay.
  • Replace the L/H lower ball joint.
  • Replace R/H inner tie rod end.
  • Replace rear brake cylinders and pads.
  • Replace pop out window seals, rubbers and latches.
  • Re-key left passenger door lock.
  • Install new sun visors.
  • Repair roof lining.
  • Repair back seat.

The items in italics and bold are either completed or still underway.  The rest are awaiting Posca’s return home, with the parts on their way or already here and waiting.  And, according to latest reports, that return should be by the end of this week or very early next week.


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  • Is it still bright orange?

    (ok, that captcha thing is annoying ;p
    2 tries so far to read painfully blurry lettering)

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