Project Posca January Update #3

Just a half day spent working on Posca  today.

The door windows are now both back in and just need some time for the rubber to settle before the excess is trimmed off.  The door panels are now back on with their new ‘stud’ look.  The new chrome and black window winders are now on too.  I am rather pleased with the way the doors have now turned out.

The carpet is now all but done too, although I need to get to an upholsterer for some sowing before I can install the last two strips of carpet that run under the doors.  Sadly, they are on holidays till Monday so I will try them then and hope they can do it on the spot since it is just to short straight runs of stitching.  Apart from them,  the front carpet is in. (Please excuse the chalk marks on the carpet.  I need to clean them off yet.)

Oh, and I forgot to take pictures, but Posca has two new side mirrors too.  They are the same as the old one on the drivers side, but I now have a new one there and one on the passenger side too.  I shall try and remember to take picture for the next update.

Also, as I promised in the first update for the month, here is my full list of tasks again.  I have updated it to reflect the current status, and I must say, I am amazed at how much of that list that I have accomplished.


Full Summary of Tasks (those in blue italics are done.);

  • Rust holes cut out, repaired and painted.
  • Surface rust cleaned up and painted.
  • Replace the back window rubber (as this is where the water got in to cause most of the rust).
  • Replace the heater boxes in the exhaust system.
  • Fix/repair High Beam, Driving Lights and Reversing Lights. (Turns out that Posca has no reversing switch or some wiring yet, so no Reversing Lights yet.)
  • Replace the fuse cradle as it looks a little dodgy.
  • Replace the L/H lower ball joint.
  • Replace R/H inner tie rod end.
  • Replace rear brake cylinders. (Pads were not needed at this time.).
  • Replace pop out window seals, rubbers and latches.
  • Re-key left passenger door lock.
  • Install new sun visors.
  • Repair roof lining.
  • Repair back seat.
  • Clean/renovate the carburettor.
  • Clean/renovate the distributor.
  • Replace hand brake rubber shoe.
  • Give the interior a good clean.
  • Replace front and side window rubbers.
  • Replace missing parts to get the heater system working. (Almost done.)
  • Replace air vents in dash. (Almost…just waiting on some parts.)
  • Repair/replace ducting for front air vents. (Almost…just waiting on some parts.)
  • Repaint the wheels.
  • Repair some small rust issues around luggage lid.
  • Repair/replace/repaint bumpers.
  • Repair/replace engine lid.
  • Put a new (none standard) carby and dizzy on Posca?
  • Repaint parts/all of the body.
  • And a million more as yet unknown ones……..

More to come soon…


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