Project Posca January Update #1

Another couple of months has slipped by with no update. The difference this time is that lots has happened.  Wow, lots has happened.  We are getting there now.  I actually had not realised how much had happened since my last update, but let me recap it all.

New (proper) door rubber seals have been installed.

Old seals – New (proper) seals

I got a new fuel cap as I suspected the old one was not sealing properly and adding to the fuel smell in the luggage compartment.  I may yet need to replace some fuel lines as well, but we shall see.

Old at top – New at bottom

The gear shift shaft was painted matt black and a new “fancy” shift knob added.  The new shift knob has flames and a chrome skull embedded in it.

Old – Painting – New

After much trouble and several failed attempts by an Auto Electrician, I managed to find some instructions on the internet and got the new High Beam Relay working.  In fact it works like a charm now.  As well as that there was a fault in the old fuse cradle that prevented the driving lights working.  A new fuse cradle has solved that problem.

High Beam Relay – Fuse Cradle

The original glove box had already been replaced by a fibreglass one, but the inside of this glove box looked….drap.  So, I painted it a lovely matt black.

Glove Box pre-painting – Painted Glove Box in place

The vent windows are being dismantled and new latches and rubbers fitted.  In the process the scrapers and bailey channels are also being replaced.  We are now one door down (though the rubber between the vent window glass and its frame will need to be trimmed once it settles) and should have the other door done tomorrow.

Dismantled Vent Window – Passenger window back together – New latch and rubber seals

While the inside of the Bug was gutted I cleaned the floor pan up.  3M rust deactivator and primer was was applied to the pan and any other areas of surface rust that I could get to.

The heater cable channels were cleaned out and the new cables were installed, though we have not attached the cables to the heater boxes yet.  New nylon bushes were fitter to the control leavers and the handbrake was adjusted.

I then applied a matt black top coat to most of the inside of the floor in the Bug.  It looks more finished and if the floor pan is ever seen through gaps in the carpet it will be black at least.  We have started installing underlay to deaden and soften things as well as sorting out the jigsaw puzzle that is a carpet kit (this is the underside in the pic…not tha actual colour).  Hopefully the carpet will go in tomorrow as well.

Top shows the matt black floor – fitting the underlay – sorting out the carpet

When I bought Posca the glove box lid was orange like the rest of the bug and had a horrible green writing on it.  It said VW Superbug.  BUT, Posca is from 1970 and so pre-dates the Superbugs.  So naturally, this had to go.  The glove box lid is now matt black and shall be fitted tomorrow.  Likewise, the speakers that were fitted below the dash in the foot well were white.  I think I shall leave their fronts and the brackets white, but the rest of them has also been made matt black.

Sanding the glove box lid – the white speakers – painted glove box lid – painted speakers

I am sure there are other things I have missed as well, but that will do for now.  I will try and update again when the windows are done and the insides are back together.  I might try and look at that long list of things to do again then as well so we can see where we are up to.

Anyway, stay tuned…


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