Project Posca #4

Today was a little bit like Christmas.  I had my first box of parts from California Import Parts1.  I also got another package of VW bit from an Australian eBay shop.  Two packages in one day.  How exciting is that?

Once I had a look at my new bits and pieces, I realised that to install some of them I will need to first get other parts.  I actually had a sneaking suspicion that such would end up happening, but I was not sure.  No matter though.  I will just order the extra bits in a few weeks time and carry on when they arrive.

Thankfully though, some of the parts that I had ordered were all that I needed to get to work.  So, this afternoon I headed out and got a few bit done.

First came the rear view mirror.  The interior of Posca is predominantly black.  The body is obviously orange, but the seats and door panels are all mostly black inside.  Sadly, the rear view mirror was a white or off white colour and old looking.  So, the old rear view mirror had to go and a new black one was installed.

Second, the engine lid lock was old and I had no key matching it so I could not lock it.  Also, the rubber seal that sits between it and the lid had perished some, so it needed changing.

The last job for today was some new tail lights.  The lenses of the old tail lights were very faded and a little cracked.  As a result of the cracks, moisture was getting in and the terminals and support bracket for the bulbs was rusting out.  The new light assemblies are original quality (Hella brand) parts, so they should be good.  They are not quite complete though, as I need new bulbs for the indicators, which I will do tomorrow.  I also need to locate a fault with the reversing lights as they are not currently working.

Yet again these are only small changes, but I am very pleased with the improvements to the look of Posca that such small changes can make.

Anyway, stay tuned, as the journey continues….

  1. California Import Parts Ltd. can he found here. []

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