Project Posca #2

So, I knew when I bought Posca that he was ‘lacking’ a little.  You see, he had no spare wheel.  Open his luggage lid and “the cupboard was bare” so to speak.

This then, was to be the first of my Posca projects.

Upon investigation, Posca’s front wheels are 203/60R15 and the back are 235/60R15.  Original VW wheels were 155/80R15.  This meant that my rims are a fairly standard size, but that the tyres on them are a lower profile than the originals.  To go with this, there is no way I was ever going to fit a 205 or a 235 in that spare wheel spot.  It was going to have to be a 155.

First steps first though.  After a few messages here and there, a visit to a wrecker or two and a phone call or two, I tracked down a second hand 15 inch VW rim.  It was only an hour away in Tamworth and the price was reasonable.  And as a bonus, it came with an old worn out retread that I did not want.

A drill with a wire brush attachment and a little time later and it started to look like this.

I then tried to crack the bead and get the tyre off, but had no chance as the rubber was old and rather stiff.  So, off to the local tyre shop I went and they kindly removed it and disposed of the dead rubber for me.

A little more brush work and a coat of rust deactivator/primer later and the rim looked like this.

One more coat of the deactivator/primer and the wheel rim was starting to look pretty good.

And now, a couple of days later with a nice coat of Engine black and a shiny new Kumho 155/60R15 tyre and we have this.

Others might disagree, but I would call that a success.  So, project Posca is under way and going well so far.  Oh, and on a random note, I purchased a new tool cabinet too.  It was not intentional, but the amusing thing is that they match.


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