Project Posca January Update #4 (Official Return)

No new photos at this stage, but I am posting an update for very important reasons. Posca has just had a check up by the mechanic and the mechanic is more than happy. So, it is official.


Posca is back on the road!!


Keep an eye out for more updates soon as there […]


Project Posca January Update #3

Just a half day spent working on Posca today.

The door windows are now both back in and just need some time for the rubber to settle before the excess is trimmed off. The door panels are now back on with their new ‘stud’ look. The new chrome and black window winders are now on […]


Project Posca January Update #2

Well, another day spent working on Posca. Not too much to show this time though. Today was mostly cutting and glueing. Still, slowly slowly, and we are getting there.

So, to start with we discovered a little more hidden surface rust under the back window. We quickly wire brushed it, cleaned it out and the […]


Project Posca January Update #1

Another couple of months has slipped by with no update. The difference this time is that lots has happened. Wow, lots has happened. We are getting there now. I actually had not realised how much had happened since my last update, but let me recap it all.

New (proper) door rubber seals have been installed.