Legoland Space-Time Continuum Paradox #379

October 09: Photo submitted for the Journeys into the Incidental Photography Of Whimsical Minds Image-A-Month Challenge.


Image-A-Week (Wk6)

Yet another busy week this week preparing for the exhibition, surviving my other work and so on. But, I got asked a few weeks back to try and photograph some beautiful antique jewellery, and today was the day.

Here is a sneak peek. An antique Sapphire and Diamond ring.



Image-A-Week (Wk5)

A busy week this week preparing for the exhibition in October, but I managed to take this one this evening. Not my best, but I hope it is liked by some. So I give you “And the Queen Cried…”


Image-A-Week (Wk 2)

I am currently still experimenting with my new dioptre filters for my 50mm lens. So for this weeks image I actually have two shots. Both are simply examples of me exploring more of my yard at close distance.

Also, John1 has accepted my Image-A-Week challenge. So, you should start seeing a weekly example of his […]