The Journey (Ferð)

Hi Everyone and welcome to my ferð. My what you may ask? Well, let me begin by explaining a few things to you.

This is a new part of And, while it is part of it is also a little separate and aside. This section/category is more of a personal journal or blog. […]


Site Guide

Verǫld (The World):
My photography, specifically images from the world around me. It will include everything from landscapes to random objects.

Draumr (The Dream):
My photography, specifically images from the various themed model shoots that I do. This is where I will work with models exploring the world of dreams and fantasy.

Ferð (The Journey):
My personal Blog if you will. Somewhere for me to make comment on;

  • life
  • thoughts
  • religion
  • spirituality
  • etc.

Gørð (The Making):
My Photo Blog of various creative, constructive and artistic projects that I choose to undertake.