Photo Challenge

Well, it begins again. John1 and I have decided to kick over our photo challenge again. This time it will be an Image-A-Month Challenge as life is a little more hectic. Also, it will not be just John and I this time. To make it even more fun we have added some other friends to […]


Image-A-Week (Wk9)

Well, this week I did manage to get our and do some shooting. Today in fact! John1 and I headed out to the Pine Forest today and had a wander in the peace, tranquillity and fresh air. It was nice wandering around out there. Really quiet and calming. So this week I give you two […]


Image-A-Week (Wk 2)

I am currently still experimenting with my new dioptre filters for my 50mm lens. So for this weeks image I actually have two shots. Both are simply examples of me exploring more of my yard at close distance.

Also, John1 has accepted my Image-A-Week challenge. So, you should start seeing a weekly example of his […]


Time…..Never Enough, and the Image-A-Week Challenge

Well, it has been a little while again since I last posted to this site. Life, as is often the case, has been busy. It seems it always is though….

Anyway in an attempt to get myself motivated and moving again, and with the prodding of my friend John1. I have decided to give myself […]