Stig's Ever Expanding Collection of Bizaar Props and Accessories...

This list is compiles for those who are either shooting or considering shooting with me in the near future.

I have started developing this list so that those mentioned above can look through it, and consider these items, along with things they may have access to themselves, in an attempt to help us come up with even more creative and unusual ideas for photo shoots.

So, to give you something to think about, here is my (incomplete and in no particular order) list of props;

  • – arm warmers (1 x black and red opaque strips, 2 x black spider web designs – sheer and opaque)
  • – knee high socks (rainbow stripped)
  • – red and black lace up cami and shorts set
  • – black bat/demon wings
  • – jewelled butterfly/fairy wings (shades of pink)
  • – 2 x angel wings (white)
  • – angel wings (black)
  • – chainmail-like bikini (black and silver)
  • – viking sword (ca. 8th Century)
  • – viking two-headed axe
  • – viking sax knife
  • – shinai (bamboo kendo sword)
  • – wooden tai chi sword
  • – wooden training katana
  • – war horn
  • – drinking horn x 2
  • – wooden staff complete with magick symbols
  • – jackets (denim, black leather, brown fur and grey fur – all faux)
  • – punk style wedding dress a friend made (pink and purple)
  • – synthetic flowers
  • – dark brown faux fur bed quilt
  • – caution tape (yellow and black)
  • – sheer material in white, black and pink.
  • – various necklaces and other small trinkets.
  • – purple wollen cloak
  • – brass cloak pin
  • – viking tunic (brown wool)
  • – viking hat (brown wool and sheep skin)
  • – floppy black felt hat
  • – air filter mask
  • – ear muffs (protective)
  • – and who knows what else I will find to use in my next adventure…….

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