Photographic Modelling Styles

The following are basic descriptions of many of the more common styles of photography when working with models;

Abstract Art

A difficult subject to define accurately. This style is suitable for models of any age and any experience. Be prepared not to recognize yourself once your images have been through the digital darkroom.

Art / Fine Art

Whether you want to enhance your portfolio, or just have something special to be framed for a loved one, you will be surprised at the result. The term in its context here, is usually an off-beat pose with low key dramatic lighting, but not necessarily nude or semi nude.

Body Parts

This term encompasses photography of any part of the body in detail or close-up. It may be for ear-rings or nail polish, a necklace or foot spa. Be warned though – the camera never lies.


This term is a reference to the style of clothing a model might wear while in her ‘boudoir’ (bedroom). The style has become synonymous with soft lighting, sexy clothing and soft focus. Suitable for women of all ages, and an ideal gift.

Casual / Candid

Photographs taken in relaxed and passive surroundings. There are no set poses, the photographer captures the model as they set about a typical task. It might be reading a book, drinking a cup of coffee, or as simple as lounging around and reflecting on life, the universe and everything.


Fantasy can be as simple as a hired costume (e.g. Elvira, Marilyn Monroe) or it could be a combination of costume and specific background digitally added to an image. Examples include Fantasy, Pinup, Gothic and Cheesecake.


An easy one to describe, this can be location shots for a clothing company, or an actual runway / catwalk shoot at a fashion show. Anything to do with fashion in fact.

Fetish (Tame)

Bondage or implied bondage springs to mind for most of us when the term ‘fetish’ crops up. This will only be shot by prior arrangement and with STRICT agreement of subject matter and limitations.

Fine Art / Nude

The style covers low key, high key, indoors and outdoors shoots. Available light is the preferred source, but good results can also be acheived using pro studio flash.


Fitness photography can fall into many categories. Some exciting results can be obtained from a simple leotard shot of a slim athletic model. The same can also be said of aerobics, work-out and athletics. There are many posibilities with this style.


It sounds stuffy and boring but many company reports would be destined for the bin if it were not for the cliched shots of key staff in front of a library of books they will never ever read.


Glamour is any imagery of people that involves making them look fabulous or stunningly sexy. Glamour, like most art forms, is subjective, in the eye of the beholder; and at least some of it comes from within. The underlying principle is to produce images that impress.


The broad subject of lingerie covers undergarments for leisure, pleasure and necessity. The photography of lingerie can be very seductive, or it can be practical. It depends on the required end result. It may be for a catalogue, or it could be part of a boudoir shoot for a private client. The mood and message can be as varied as the garments themselves.


Just as the term suggests, semi-nude means semi clothed or semi-bare, whichever way you look at it. Sometimes totally nudity can be implied even though the model is not actually naked. The use of material and props can make a mediocre shot into a good one. Not every model is happy to do semi-nude or even implied nudity.

Sheer / See-Thru

More suggestive than provocative, this style can result in some stunning photographs which will be an asset to any models portfolio.


Usually shot for catalogue specific work, swimwear shots can be another asset for models looking for catalogue work. This would cover bikini and one piece work.

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