Gadgets and Toys #1

Sighting Telescope

I found this at the Armidale Antique Fair last weekend (Saturday February 9th). It is all brass, glass lenses and awesome. Not sure how old it is, but it would have been used for checking targets on a target range or such.


The Journey (Ferð)

Hi Everyone and welcome to my ferð.  My what you may ask?  Well, let me begin by explaining a few things to you.

This is a new part of  And, while it is part of it is also a little separate and aside.  This section/category is more of a personal journal or blog.  Its theme is “The Journey” and in Old Norse the word for journey is ferð.

So, why “The Journey“?  Well, I intend to use this space to make posts about the things that influence me and as a result, my photography.  This is where I will post about;

  • ideas
  • influences
  • experiences
  • thoughts
  • etc.

I hope you enjoy reading what I post here, for it is my journey.



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