A couple of days ago I came across the word ‘Waldeinsamkeit‘.  It is a German word and it basically translates to forest or woodland solitude.  A single word that encompasses the depth of joy, sadness, peace and loneliness that one can experience when in the forest alone.

Sadly, despite the fact that English is a very complex language with an evolutionary history that is made of elements of Latin, French and German, it has no single word equivalent to this.  How is it that one word can say so much and yet not have an equivalent in what has become one of the most used languages of the world and is supposedly the language of poets and scholars?


(Learning about ‘waldeinsemkeit’ made me think back to this old image of mine, which I have updated accordingly for this post.)


Gadgets and Toys #4

Firstly, I would like to make it clear that I am not some fashion crazy, shoe collecting style-phile like some people I know 1, but I do sometimes go looking for specific clothing items and when I do, I like to get quality.

Anyway, I have been looking for some black boots for a while now.  It might seem picky, but I had a checklist;

  • boots (as I find them more comfortable and practical)
  • black  (so they would go with other clothing items I have)
  • no zippers, but buckles and studs are fine (I want them for my Steampunk look as well as everyday wear)
  • no fancy Western style embroidery (for the same reasons as above)

After much searching I was pretty sure they would need to be of a style known as motorbike or engineer boots. So, that is more or less what I have been looking for.  And today, after a trip to the local motorbike shop I have some…..yay!!

  1. No, I am not mentioning names, but if they see this when it feeds to Facebook, and they read it, they will know who they are. []

Gadgets and Toys #3

I just received very stylish new Ink Dip Pen. It was made by Harry Shotton1.

This is the…certificate..that came with the pen. Each pen is stamped with a consecutive number  and as you can see this one is #30. The note is hand written by the maker. A very nice touch I think.

Here is the pen with the lid off. You can see the small Carnelian stone on the end and the two parts, the pen and the lid.

  1. Harry Shotton’s Etsy Shop can be found at – http://www.etsy.com/shop/H​arryShotton []

Gadgets and Toys #2

A cool…well I think it is cool…wooden chair.

I saw this one at a second hand furniture shop about a month or so ago, but never stopped to look at it. Today I did. It is a new reproduction of an old style, but I think it looks pretty good.



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