Out of the Chaos

After a rushed tidy up of my studio room on Friday last week I did a quick casual shoot with a new model.  She goes by the name of Eden Archaique.  Her Model Mayhem profile can be found here.  And her Facebook page is here.  I have called the shoot ‘Out of the Chaos’ as the images came of of the chaos of the studio room which had not been used for some time.  The following images are a sample the days shoot.




Back in February I did the first photo shoot that I had done in some time. I was with a lovely young model named Brianna. Her Model Mayhem profile can be found here. The shoots theme was Naiad, which is a mythical water spirit or water nymph. The following images are a sample the days shoot.


Image-A-Week (Wk10)

On Friday of this week I travelled to Toowoomba and spent the night at my parents, then early on Saturday morning I set off for Brisbane.  Why you may ask?  Well, because I had a planned shoot with a young model by the name of Ruski1.  Ruski is only new to the modelling scene but I have to say, not only is she an attractive young lady with a unique look, but she is also very professional and a real pleasure to work with.  The few hours I spent with her passed quickly as we chatted, took photos and travelled across the Brisbane area from location to location.

You will be seeing more of her in a week or so when I have finished editing the pictures that we took but for now here, as my Image-A-Week submission, are a couple of taster shots.

  1. Ruski’s Model Mayhem portfolio can be found here. []

Image-A-Week (Wk7)

Where did this last week go? Here is it Tuesday night already. Yes that is right, I am actually late with my week 7 image. OOps!! I actually did have it shot last week, just did not get time to edit and upload. Anyway, all done now and hopefully on time next time.

So this week I played around with a few shots of Mick and Manda.



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