New Beginnings

*Runs in all excited and exhausted*

Phew, finally we are back..

For those of you who did not know, we have been gone for a month now.  Why you ask?  Well….

On Saturday the 11th of June my web host was maliciously hacked and my domains website and email more or less destroyed. I will let them tell you more about it in their words1;


Friday, 17 June 2011

The DistributeIT Situation Thus Far…

As you would be aware, DistributeIT was the subject of a targeted, malicious, attack by hackers late on Saturday, June 11. The attack was a deliberate attempt to take down the DistributeIT business, and doesn’t appear to be specifically aimed at stealing client data for gain. The attackers were coordinated in their approach and set out to do as much damage to our systems and software as possible, which they were largely successful at achieving. The attack was very swift, precise and lasted only a short duration and was targetted towards destroying drive header files therefore maximizing the impact in the short time they had before our engineers shut down the Network.

It has taken from then till now to restore my domain and import my backup from January.  Sadly, I had no backups since then.

My plan now is to build anew rather than try and restore all that I had done and changed since January.  So, my first steps will be reworking of the sites layout and plugins.  When I am happy with that I will move on to restoring some posts that I have previously made.  And then I will move onto new things.

So we begin……

  1. Extract from []

Updates 08/2010

I have not posted for a month or two so I thought it was time for an update.  So, lets see what has been happening;

  • Most of July was spent in Northern Europe on vacation.  I had a great time and took some really lovely photos.
  • As a result of the vacation, I missed my August challenge.  There was no theme set and no pictures taken, but the September challenge is underway so there should be a new image soon.
  • This site was down for a week (well, the whole domain really, including my email) due to a server hardware failure, but all is up and running again now.
  • I am making changes around here.  The old gallery is going away and all the images will now be stored in the main site itself.  This should make for easier navigation and a more simplified and integrated site.
  • Due to my regular use of Facebook and communicating with many friends and such there, I have set up a Page for on Facebook as well.  Feel free to ‘Like’ it using the widget in the right hand panel on most pages. This is an especially good idea if you are not a direct Facebook friend of mine and would still like to get updates on what is happening.

Well, that is about it at the moment.  As I said, changes are happening here and will occur over time.  Small steps as they say.  Hopefully they will cause no real issues or upheavels and things will continue as normal.

So, watch this space…


Photo Challenge

Well, it begins again. John1 and I have decided to kick over our photo challenge again. This time it will be an Image-A-Month Challenge as life is a little more hectic. Also, it will not be just John and I this time. To make it even more fun we have added some other friends to the mix, and we have also decided to run it from a Facebook Group (Journeys into the Incidental Photography Of Whimsical Mind), which gives us the chance to comment and discuss things all in one place. I will be sure to upload my images to here as well though, so stay tuned…

  1. Church2Go []

Image-A-Week (Wk8)

Well bugga, I failed this week… I guess it was bound to happen sometime, but after only eight weeks? Oh well, it was a very busy week and I just simply had no time to get out and take a pic or two.  The challenge continues though.  Just because I failed to post an image one week does not mean I am giving up.  So, stay tuned and another post shall follow shortly with this weeks image or images…….



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