The Artist

Pete Pearson, originally from the Tamworth area, has lived in and around Armidale for over fifteen years. He has always been interested in pursuits of an artistic and creative nature, as well as having a deep love for the natural environment.

During the early 90’s he studied Science at the University of New England, and has spent the last 10 years as a High School Teacher, teaching Science, Agriculture and Computing.

Ever dabbling in artistic projects, he decided to delve into the world of digital photography in mid 2002. He was immediately hooked. Since then he has taken thousands of photographs, enjoying it so much, that he has decided to plunge headlong into photography in a semi-professional capacity.

Stig and Rune
Photograph taken by John Armstrong.

The Business

Stigandr.com is a business specialising in digital media. It is based on the principals of reliability, honesty and enthusiasm. We strive to provide good service at a reasonable price. We offer;

We offer both commercial and artistic photography, specialising in individualized portraits, fantasy and glamour photography, abstract images and landscapes. We use the digital medium, which allows for a greater flexibility of processing and manipulation post shoot.

Web Design:
We have over seven years experience with web design and the Internet. This includes the use of HTML, java scripts and applets, PHP and Perl. We work with the client and tailor each site to the specific needs of the client, including ongoing maintenance if required. In conjunction with our photography we are able to develop a specific and unique appearance for each site. Through an associated business we can also offer reliable and affordable hosting of web pages.

Small Office and Home Office (SOHO) Computer Consultancy:
We have more than a decade of experience with computer systems and seven years experience with small and medium sized networks. While we specialise in Windows systems, we also have some experience with both Macintosh and Linux systems. Our services include; system maintenance and basic repair, and network design, installation and maintenance.

With full teaching qualifications and over ten years experience, we are able to offer training in all aspects of Computing and Digital Imaging.

The Name

The name Stigandr is a combination of Pete Pearson’s Nordic ancestry and the original nickname he used when he first ventured online back in 1995. The nick he used was “the Wanderer” and in the Old Norse language the word for wanderer is stigandr. So, while to many the name might seem unusual and even hard to remember, it is Pete’s way of maintaining a like with his history and tradition.

If your interested in knowing how to pronounce the name, this might help;

Stig: pronounced with a hard G. Long I. Like this: Stiig.

Stigandr: Shorter I on Stigander, harder A+N, straightforward: StigAnndr

Site Guide

Verǫld (The World):
My photography, specifically images from the world around me. It will include everything from landscapes to random objects.

Draumr (The Dream):
My photography, specifically images from the various themed model shoots that I do. This is where I will work with models exploring the world of dreams and fantasy.

Ferð (The Journey):
My personal Blog if you will. Somewhere for me to make comment on;

  • life
  • thoughts
  • religion
  • spirituality
  • etc.

Gørð (The Making):
My Photo Blog of various creative, constructive and artistic projects that I choose to undertake.