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October 11: Photo submitted for the Journeys into the Incidental Photography Of Whimsical Minds Image-A-Month Challenge.


Project Posca September Update #3

I thought one last catchup update might be in order before I move onto new things.

I mentioned a few updates back that the rear seat repair was under way.  The spring had broken under the rear seat and someone had tried to repair it, burning a hole in the seat covering in the process.



Project Posca September Update #2

So, as promised, here is another update on the progress on Posca.

As mentioned previously, finding the luggage shelf covered in surface rust was a definite indicator that the rear window rubber needed replacing, so this actually happened while Posca was still at the smash repairs.

Replace the rear window rubber.



Project Posca September Update #1

I realised another couple of months have passed since my last update on Posca, so I thought I had better get myself organised some.

So firstly, a quick update.  The smash repairs finished with Posca and I got him over to the exhaust shop for the new heater boxes.  Sadly, while he was there, the […]


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