Project Posca July Update

I have not posted an update on Posca in a month or two.  The reasons for that are two fold.  Firstly, there was the whole loss of my website and email and such for a month.

Secondly, Posca has been away for about a month now as well.  I had a few things that I […]


Out of the Chaos

After a rushed tidy up of my studio room on Friday last week I did a quick casual shoot with a new model. She goes by the name of Eden Archaique. Her Model Mayhem profile can be found here. And her Facebook page is here. I have called the shoot ‘Out of the Chaos’ as […]


Gadgets and Toys #4

Firstly, I would like to make it clear that I am not some fashion crazy, shoe collecting style-phile like some people I know 1, but I do sometimes go looking for specific clothing items and when I do, I like to get quality.

Anyway, I have been looking for some black boots for a while […]


Through a child’s eyes

July 11: Photo submitted for the Journeys into the Incidental Photography Of Whimsical Minds Image-A-Month Challenge.



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