Gadgets and Toys #3

I just received very stylish new Ink Dip Pen. It was made by Harry Shotton1.

This is the…certificate..that came with the pen. Each pen is stamped with a consecutive number and as you can see this one is #30. The note is hand written by the maker. A very nice touch I think.



Project Posca #4

Today was a little bit like Christmas. I had my first box of parts from California Import Parts1. I also got another package of VW bit from an Australian eBay shop. Two packages in one day. How exciting is that?

Once I had a look at my new bits and pieces, I […]


Return of the Terrarium

As part of the whole Steampunk trend that is inspiring me at the moment, I have had it in mind to build a terrarium((Sometimes called a vivarium.)). This idea began as a spark a month or so ago now, and since then I have been trying to find suitable jars or other glass containers to […]


Gadgets and Toys #2

A cool…well I think it is cool…wooden chair.

I saw this one at a second hand furniture shop about a month or so ago, but never stopped to look at it. Today I did. It is a new reproduction of an old style, but I think it looks pretty good.




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