Image-A-Week (Wk10)

On Friday of this week I travelled to Toowoomba and spent the night at my parents, then early on Saturday morning I set off for Brisbane. Why you may ask? Well, because I had a planned shoot with a young model by the name of Ruski1. Ruski is only new to the modelling scene but […]


Image-A-Week (Wk9)

Well, this week I did manage to get our and do some shooting. Today in fact! John1 and I headed out to the Pine Forest today and had a wander in the peace, tranquillity and fresh air. It was nice wandering around out there. Really quiet and calming. So this week I give you two […]


Image-A-Week (Wk8)

Well bugga, I failed this week… I guess it was bound to happen sometime, but after only eight weeks? Oh well, it was a very busy week and I just simply had no time to get out and take a pic or two. The challenge continues though. Just because I failed to post an image […]


Image-A-Week (Wk7)

Where did this last week go? Here is it Tuesday night already. Yes that is right, I am actually late with my week 7 image. OOps!! I actually did have it shot last week, just did not get time to edit and upload. Anyway, all done now and hopefully on time next time.

So this […]



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