Image-A-Week (Wk6)

Yet another busy week this week preparing for the exhibition, surviving my other work and so on. But, I got asked a few weeks back to try and photograph some beautiful antique jewellery, and today was the day.

Here is a sneak peek. An antique Sapphire and Diamond ring.



Image-A-Week (Wk5)

A busy week this week preparing for the exhibition in October, but I managed to take this one this evening. Not my best, but I hope it is liked by some. So I give you “And the Queen Cried…”


Image-A-Week (Wk4)

Week 4 already, and I am still managing at least one image….YAY!!

Okay, this week is something very different. I have done a shot like this before, but it did not turn out quite as well as this one I think. What it is though, is an image taken with an Infra Red filter. It […]


Image-A-Week (Wk3)

Looking for inspiration for this weeks Image-A-Week picture, I found myself in my cluttered and currently untidy garage. It is my workshop and a storage place for all manner of things. There is a kayak, a mountain bike, tools, boxes, a trailer, furniture, and much more. At the moment it is also the dumping ground […]



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